Beyond Books - The Campaign for Witte Hall

To Engage Learners • To Inspire Thinkers • To Nurture Civic Connections


A Library Lecture Hall that will transform the quality, and character of programs and events of the Newport Beach Public Library and Library Foundation as well as the extended Newport Beach community.


To build a Hall that will enrich people’s lives and be a source of pride for our community by providing informative and entertaining programming of literary, cultural, artistic, and educational value.


  • A large, modern venue
  • Ample space with advanced audio and visual technology
  • Expanded programming capabilities for the Library and the greater community
  • A Hall destined to serve our community for decades to come


  • A modern auditorium with tiered, cushioned, permanent seating for 299 patrons
  • Technically advanced stage lighting and audio-visual equipment
  • Excellent acoustics to accommodate a range of presentations from lectures to musical performances, from documentary films to children’s programs

The Hall will be on the Library grounds adjacent to Avocado Avenue and the current Bamboo Courtyard, which will be expanded to provide outdoor event space. Designed by award-winning architect Robert R. Coffee Architect + Associates, it will be an inspiring building and a cornerstone to the impressive Newport Beach Civic Center. It will be an outstanding venue to host Library, Foundation, and community organization presentations, of national acclaim and local interest.


The Hall funding will be public/private partnership, much like the Central Library itself. The City of Newport Beach will provide approximately 50% of the cost of the design, site preparation, and construction. The donor community, through the efforts of the Newport Beach Public Library Foundation, will contribute the remaining 50%.


It is only through the support of the community that the Vision will be realized. Your philanthropic pledge will assure that the Goal of enriching the literary, cultural, artistic, and educational lives of the entire community will be achieved. Major Donors to the Hall will receive special recognition on a donor wall in the Lobby of the Library Hall and an invitation to the Hall’s opening celebration and events.


Through the cooperation and support of the City of Newport Beach, donors to the Hall will have the legacy opportunity to have the Hall itself and a few specific areas of the Hall and adjacent courtyard named for them, with appropriate signage.1

Naming Opportunities in the Hall include:

  • The Library Hall building including monument signage along Avocado Ave.– Witte Hall
  • The Lobby – Louise and Roy Woolsey Memorial Lobby
  • The Auditorium
  • The Green Room
  • The Restructured Bamboo Courtyard– Stahr Courtyard
  • The Stage Manager—Audio-Visual Booth

1The Newport Beach Public Library Foundation must comply with requirements regarding naming rights as established by the Newport Beach City Council.

Dennis and Diane Baker

Kevin and Kelly Barlow

The Beall Family Foundation

Linda Beimfohr

Phil and Shelley Belling

Homer and Janet Bludau

Joy Brenner

Marcia and John Cashion

Gus and Mary Chabre

Karen Health Clark and Bruce Robert Clark

William and Amy Claster

The Foundation of the Family of C.M. and Edna P. Cotton

Susan and Spencer Croul

Keith and Pamela Curry

Lesly Davenport

DDA Family Foundation

The Etchandy Family

Allen and Sandy Fainbarg

Malin and Chris Fletcher

Jurgen and Pat Froehlich

Julie Garn

William Gillespie Foundation

Barbara Glabman

Whitney and Michael Gomez

Ken and Stephanie Grody

Janet Hadley

Randy and Kelly Heyler

Gregory and Rita Hirsch

Carole and Mike Kamper

Joanne and Dennis Keith

Signe Keller

Lauren and Kory Kramer

Dorothy Larson

Greg and Barbara MacGillivray

Linda P. Maggard Family

Liz and Pete McKinley

Donald Morrow and Judy Johnson

Sophie and Manouch Moshayedi

Megan E. Gorman and Roger J. Nabedian

Tricia Nichols

Hon. Anthony and Kristen Petros

The Rallis Foundation

Kathleen Rasmussen

Janet and James “Walkie” Ray

Teddie Ray

Gena H. Reed Family Foundation

Tom and Carrie Rolfes

Latika Sethi

Jeff and Linda Schulein

The Smyth Family

Nancy and Geoffrey Stack Family Foundation

Elizabeth Stahr

Walter and Masami Stahr

Diane and Dave Steffy

Tom and Marilyn Sutton

Samuel and Tammy Tang

Jill Johnson-Tucker and Larry Tucker

Clarence J. and Janice R. Turner

Irene Turner and Drew MacDonald

Paul and Ronnie Watkins

Linda and Tod White

Lizanne and Matthew Witte

Keiko Sakamoto and William Witte

Roy Woolsey In memory of: Louise and Roy Woolsey

“The last jewel in the crown that is the Library campus will be the striking Library Lecture Hall, a 21st Century, forward-looking architectural triumph. For decades to come, it will afford the best in content-rich offerings which embody the vision of the campus as the cultural, educational, and informational heart of Newport Beach. Please join me in supporting that vision and the Hall.”

Paul K. Watkins,
Chair, Newport Beach Board of Library Trustees

Witte Hall Site Plan

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